GUTS - Generations Using Training for Social Inclusion in 2020

The goal of the GUTS project is to increase social inclusion of younger and older generations. With the use of cultural heritage and education and with strengths and capabilities of both generations, GUTS aims to create solidarity and coherence of young and old. Intention is to create an intergenerational, creative and cultural model of learning and to form recommendations for social and cultural workers in both local and regional government.

Within the project, a research has been conducted in partner countries accompanied by Generations Using Training for Social Inclusion 2020 (GUTS) report. Ten innovative learning models were implemented in cooperation with the Faculty of Law - Study Department for Social Work, "Zajednički put" foundation and the Union of Croatian Pensioners. Twenty-four of the project beneficiaries were women older than 55 and young women aged 18 to 32 who participated on themed workshops related to education and lifelong learning, work, activism, politics etc. Project is implemented in partnership with organizations from Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Romania and Latvia. GUTS is financially supported by the European Commission and Erasmus+ funds.

More about the project can be found here.