Portal Libela.org

LIBELA (www.libela.org) is a web portal covering topics of gender, sex and democracy. It is dedicated to cover actualities and question democratic and social practices from gender perspective with emphasis on visibility increase of social, political and cultural engagement of women and other marginalized social groups.

The important mission of the portal is to deconstruct gender stereotypes and sexism that is present in mainstream media as well as to reflect on reality from a feminist perspective.

In 2015, Libela published 1.146 articles. Since the portal launched in 2009, Libela has recorded consistent growth in number of readers. Compared to 2014, there has been an increase of 17% compared to the number of page views and nearly 30% in relation to the number of individual users.

Furthermore, Libela represents a platform for education of young journalists and other interested citizens. Accordingly, an education for students "Pišem ravnopravnost!" has been organized in December 2015. Alongside Libela's editor, representatives of TransAid Croatia Association and the Faculty of Law Zagreb were the lecturers of the education.

Libela is financially supported by the Agency for Electronic Media, the Ministry of Culture and the City of Zagreb.