Play it for change- Raising awareness and empowerment of girls and boys for the prevention of gender based violence through audio-visual media and music

Play if for Change aims at educating and raising awareness among girls and boys through audio-visual media and music by encouraging their critical thinking and fostering their empowerment to prevent and combat GBV.

 Project activities:

-Collection of evidences on the impact of gender stereotypes reproduced in the audiovisual media and music on girls' and boys' attitudes and behaviours towards GBV

 -Needs assessment of teachers and others education professionals to prevent GBV among youth

 - Capacity building of teachers and other education professionals for working with girls and boys on the prevention of GBV through gender sensitive audiovisual media and music

 - Raising awareness activities to prevent GBV among girls and boys through audiovisual media&music and to foster their empowerment

 - Communication, multiplying and dissemination activities in order to foster cross national communication among girls and boys, and to multiply and disseminate the result of the project across the EU.

 The target groups of the project are:

The main beneficiaries are EU girls and boys aged 12-18, a group at a critical age to develop gender identity and most vulnerable in terms of media literacy. The other target group of the project are teachers and other educational professionals who come into contact with girls and boys daily and who have an enormous potential to prevent GBV among youth. Finally, stakeholders such as non-formal educational professionals, policy makers, etc. may also benefit from the project results and outputs.

Play it for Change is a two –year  project financially supported by the European Union (DAPHNE). Participating organizations, besides CESI, are:

SURT. Fundació de dones. Fundació privada,Spain (project coordinator)




Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, Cyprus