LOOK AT ME! Is a documentary film, directed by Vanja Juranić, produced by CESI and 4 Film. Representatives of non-profit organisations share their stories on their engagement in civil sector, motives for work, problems that they are trying to solve as well as how they contribute to values of democracy, tolerance, peace, non-violence and gender equality. This film shows that there are individuals who have decided to engage in peace building, coexistence, environmental protection, protection of rights of persons with special needs, promotion and protection of the right to have a choice, protection of children, helping the poor, improvement of human rights of the asylum seekers and promotion and protection of women's rights by working in non governmental organisations.

The movie was  developed within the project "Active, Visible and Empowered" that aimed at increasing visibility of civil society in Croatia.

In collaboration with partner organizations that participated in creation and promotion of the film CESI, Women's Network of Croatia, Women's Association Vukovar, Center for civil initiatives – Poreč,  Association for Peace and Human Rights – Baranja the movie "LOOK AT ME!" was promoted and screened in Zagreb, Pula, Osijek, Vukovar, Split, Rijeka, Poreč, Buje, Pazin, Daruvar, Ivanić Grad, Velika Gorica, Beli Manastir, Mali Lošinj, Karlovac, Brtonigla, Sisak, Nova Gradiška, Našice, Križevci. The movie was seen by over 2.000 viewers on the screenings and on April 30, 2007 it was shown on Croatian national television.

Project was financially supported by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) trough programme of Academy for Educational Development (AED), the OSCE and Finnish Embassy.