European opportunities for rural women

Project "European opportunities for rural women" is implemented by CESI, K zona, Radio Kaj and Association of women HERA in Zagreb County, Krapina – Zagorje County and Koprivnica – Križevci County. The projects' goal is to inform women from rural areas of the opportunities that come with the membership in the European Union and to raise awareness on their contributions to the EU. The project will last 15 months and includes education of women regarding the financial opportunities through EU funds; and will also inform general public on the effects of EU membership in their daily lives. More information can be obtained through the flier:"European opportunities for rural women". 

Promotions of various economic activities and increased quality of life in rural areas are main goals of the rural development policies. Gender awareness of the rural sector is one of the key strategies of EU, not only for the promotion of gender equality but also for the economic development and sustainability of the rural area. Despite the efforts at the EU level considering gender equality, many problems have not been solved: participation of men and women in the rural development, unequal engagement in the decision making processes and unequal distribution of profits made through structural funds are just a few to name. Data analysis of the main carriers of production assistance thought the structural funds of EU showed a male prevalence trend; it started in the '90s and prevails to present. Women from rural areas need more encouragement for their personal and professional development and firmer support in their efforts to achieve financial independence. Decision makers and government bodies of the Republic of Croatia responsible for rural development have yet to develop risk assessments of these trends and create gender awareness policies and actions based on the results. 

The project will include 15 – 20 women who show interest and capabilities for the development of the innovative projects in the educational programme. 3 information seminars will be held in cooperation with local women's initiatives, local governments, interested agencies for development and institutions. Seminars aim to cover 100 participants after which we will narrow the selection of candidates who will be involved in the project. 

Women who run innovative projects, collectives, family farms, crafts or initiatives will be filmed in 4 short movies which will be shown at round table discussions, fairs, various events, local TV stations and accessible through YouTube channel. With this film, we wish to display examples of good practice and innovative approaches which have the realization potential in other parts of country as well and to display their contribution in the development on local communities.

The Facebook page provides daily information on current calls for project proposals and project activities and can be found here

Libela – web portal on gender, sex and democracy will pay particular attention to the problem of women in rural areas and it will publish content relevant to rural women regarding EU programs and policies. Articles on EU can be obtained through this link. 

A round table discussion will be organized in 3 partnering counties in cooperation with the local governments and commissions for gender equality. We will inform the citizens via radio shows. Radio Kaj who is also a partner on the project, will broadcast 4 radio shows with themes; the influence of EU on the rural development and improvements of the quality of life in the countryside.

First show can be played here.

Project is funded trough the IPA INFO 2012 program