Current Projects

  • Young Women Agents of Positive Change

    The project was implemented with the goal of empowering young women for the active participation in the social and political sphere. Young women between 16 – 29 (students, members of political parties, members of youth councils and nonprofit organizations) will be educated and empowered for the active involvement in the life in their local communities and the decision making processes at the local and national level making them advocates for gender equality.

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  • Creating innovative opportunities for self - employment for the unemployed women with higher education from the City of Zagreb

    The project aims to motivate, educate and captivate 45 highly educated unemployed women from the City of Zagreb between the ages of 25 to 49, for child care services through self-employment.

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  • My Voice Against Violence

    The main goals of the project is to raise the awareness of the public on all unacceptable forms of violence against women and girls including, domestic violence and the necessity of the zero tolerance on all forms of gender based violence.

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  • Anti-trafficking campaign

    Campaign Two Little Girls is conducted in 13 European countries through raising awareness among children and youth on the problem of human trafficking and how to recognize potentially dangerous situations and how to react. In the Republic of Croatia, the campaign is being carried out by CESI in cooperation with the British Embassy, Ministry of Interior Affairs - Police Directorate, Ombudswoman for Gender Equality and the Office of the Republic of Croatia for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities.

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  • People Have the Power

    The general goals of the project "People Have the Power", is to develop participatory and sustainable democratic mechanisms and to further improve the participation of the citizens and civil society organizations (CSO) in the decision making processes at the local and regional level.

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  • European opportunities for rural women

    The projects' goal is to inform women from rural areas of the opportunities that come with the membership in the European Union and to raise awareness on their contributions to the EU. 

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    In cooperation with several non-government organizations Mirovna grupa Oaza (Beli Manastir),  Potencijal (Rijeka), Zora (Čakovec) and ZUM (Pula), CESI has launched a project called CONNECTED – FOR VIOLENCE-FREE RELATIONSHIPS. The aim of the project is to promote effective implementation of public policies designed to prevent teen-dating violence, and eradicate gender stereotypes and other causes of gender-based violence.

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    CESI has launched a project entitled "TOGETHER against gender- based violence". It will be implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with CURE Foundation during 2012. This project of regional cooperation will enable CESI to share and disseminate knowledge and good practices in the Balkan region.

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