Creating innovative opportunities for self - employment for the unemployed women with higher education from the City of Zagreb

CESI is a partnering organization in cooperation with the City of Zagreb – Office for programs and projects of the European Union (as a project carrier), Croatian Employment service – Regional office Zagreb, Development Agency Zagreb – TPZ d.o.o., General public health clinic Zagreb – West, Family Centre of the City of Zagreb and Association for the help and education of the victims of mobbing, is conducting a project: Creating innovative opportunities for self-employment targeted towards unemployed women with higher education from the City of Zagreb.

With this project, the City of Zagreb and it's partners are helping unemployed women from the area to establish and run their own business and create various services in the field of child care using the funds provided from the EU. The project aims to motivate, educate and captivate 45 highly educated unemployed women from the City of Zagreb between the ages of 25 to 49, for child care services through self-employment.

Through this course, the participants will further their social and communication skills, gain knowledge and entrepreneurial skills necessary for the successful start and guidance for their own business. They will be introduced to the available measures and support oriented towards the start of their own business with the accent on child care. Participants will also be introduced to numerous examples of national and international practices which will showcase the benefits of self-employment.

The project is conducted within the IPA instrument for pre-accession assistance and component IV – Human resources development. The project is worth 151.393,92 EUR; European Union provides 82,14% of total means, while the rest is secured trough City of Zagreb and partners.