Almost Equal

In cooperation with the FACTUM documentary film project, CESI produced a 30-minute educational film entitled "Almost Equal". Gender equality, as well as sex education, is a frequently neglected and even non-existent issue in the formal educational system in Croatia. "Almost Equal" was produced to raise awareness among young people about the importance of this issue. In the film, adolescents from Zagreb, Rijeka, Opatija and Sisak discuss their opinions and experiences of relationships between men and women, about house chores, the participation of men and women in business and in various professions, adolescent's relationships, sex, homosexuality and their visions of future partnerships. Several famous people also appear in the film: singers Mile Kekin from Hladno Pivo and Dražen Turina –Šajeta, as well as actors Nina Violić and Tvrtko Jurić. We also portrayed people with "unusual" occupations such as woman pilot Dunja Kuvalja and kindergarten teacher Muhamed Kovačević. Historical, medical and social views on relationships between genders are presented by historian Andrea Feldman, medical doctor Ana Lapčević and union activist Jagoda Milidrag Šmid. The film was directed by Dana Budisavljević and supported financially by the European Union. The documentary will be used for educational purposes and will be shown in schools and in CESI's seminars and workshops.